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John Murry

John Murry Photo by Dara Munnis
Sometimes characterized as a dark and deep rock and roll.

February 11, 2013 - An active musician since 2006, John Murry is clearly climbing the social recognition ladder in the music industry with the upcoming March 5 release in the U.S of his critically acclaimed album The Graceless Age.

The album is already available abroad. A Tupelo, Mississippi native, Murry moved to Oakland, California a couple of years ago to work alongside American musician Bob Frank. With Frank’s help Murry was able to develop and strategically craft a matchless album starting with World Without End (Bowstring Records). Sometimes characterized as a dark and deep rock and roll, Murry’s words espoused with his melodic production skills produce an alluring yet emotional tone of music.

A descendent of Nobel Prize in Literature recipient William Faulkner, Murry visits his family’s literary past and channels it into his music. His unique style in incorporating literary elements has ranked Murry’s The Graceless Age as the 11th best Americana Album of the year 2012, according to Uncut magazine in the UK. About to commence an international tour across Europe in order to promote his new release, Murry has been picked as this week’s World Cafe: Next artist. Tune into the session and listen to his most recent songs "Photograph" and "Southern Sky."

John Murry / "Photograph" / The Graceless Age
John Murry / "Southern Sky" / The Graceless Age

Recent Release: The Graceless Age
Release Date: March 5, 2013 in U.S. (2012 in the UK)
US Label: Evangeline Recording Co.