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XPN's own Kris Kringle, (Robert Drake) is presenting a unique mix of seasonal songs celebrating both the holiday and winter seasons.

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Join the World Cafe through performances and interviews with celebrated and emerging artists.

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    Everything You Ever Wanted to Know

    How do I sign up to join the XPN Entourage?

    Just click here and fill out the online application.

    What are my responsibilities as part of the XPN Entourage?

    Encourage friends, family and neighbors to listen to XPN using the tools and suggestions we provide.

    Where can I leave XPN materials?

    You must first check with the owner or manager to make sure it is ok to leave materials in any place of business. Please always be respectful, even if they say no.

    How should I introduce myself to the owners?

    Great question! You can tell them that you are a fan of WXPN doing some volunteer work on our behalf. Be sure to be clear that you do not work for XPN.

    I've handed out all the materials to my friends and to businesses who allowed me to leave items in their stores. How can I get more?

    Good job! Just drop Liz a note at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Be sure to include your name and contact information.

    The materials I left with a local merchant were so compelling that she asked me how she could get her store more involved with the XPN. What should I tell her?

    Wow! That’s great. Have her call Mike Daly at 215-573-8728. There’s a lot of information on our website. Click on Business Support of WXPN.

    My friend wants to join XPN. Can I take his pledge?

    Never take money, credit cards or any financial or personal information on behalf of XPN. This protects you, as well as XPN. If someone wants to join XPN, please hand them a Membership Brochure from your kit!

    What do I do with the Membership Brochures in my Entourage Kit?

    Use these to hand out to friends and colleagues who want to join XPN. Write your name in the line that asks "where did you receive this brochure?" Every time we get one of these completed, sent in through the mail, we will send you a little something (CD, t-shirt, etc.)!

    I have a friend that wants to join XPN, but at a higher level then what is listed in the brochure. What should I do?

    Terrific. Have them contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or at 215-573-3337 and ask them to mention your name when they do so we can send you a thank you gift!

    I just got the new World Cafe CD and want to host a listening party for some friends. Can I do that?

    Sure! Just please be a responsible party host.

    I had a listening party and everyone really wanted to buy the CD. How can they do that?

    World Cafe CD's and other XPN items like t-shirts and hats can be purchased at the online store at shop.XPN.org. If the World Cafe CD is brand new, then they'll have to become a member to pick it up now!

    I saw a band play last night that I think are a perfect fit for XPN. How should I tell them to contact XPN about getting some airplay?

    We love hearing from musicians! Everything an artist needs to know about submitting music to XPN can be found online at XPN.org, by clicking on Inside XPN > Contact Us.

    Most importantly, whenever you are sharing XPN, remember that you are representing the station you love. Please be as kind and courteous as your favorite XPN DJ!