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If you are a newcomer to the world of music, you may have reservations about the many factors that affect all musicians, from wondering if playing music is a “real job” to experiencing writer’s block. But have no fear, for WISDOM FOR A YOUNG MUSICIAN (Running Press; April 2007; Hardcover; $14.95) by Bruce Warren, executive producer of NPR’s World Cafe®, is here! In response to steady calls from young musicians asking how to start out, Bruce compiled this collection of quotes, interviews, and Q&A’s from successful musicians and top industry executives, giving sound advice and support to up and coming artists.

Sting, front man of the hit 80’s band The Police and accomplished solo artist, offers these words of encouragement: “Music is its own reward…it will nourish your soul whether or not you become a platinum-selling artist.” Other contributors featured in WISDOM FOR A YOUNG MUSICIAN include: Neil Young, Vivek Tiwary, founder/CEO of The Tiwary Entertainment Group and Starpolish.com, The Indigo Girls, Dave Matthews, Willie Nelson, Radiohead, Andy Blackman Hurwitz, Owner/founder of Rope-A-Dope Records, Elvis Costello, and Jeff Cook, Head of Promotion at New West Records, just to name a few.

Starting out as a new musician, you’re searching for ways to present yourself as both an exceptional individual and artist. This process involves embracing your distinctiveness, developing your craft of writing songs, and performing your creation. To quell your doubts and boost your confidence, here’s a rundown of the vital information: · Write songs and master traditional elements of instruments and music. · Discover your own unique, possibly unconventional, technique for songwriting and playing music. · Having a distinguishing image and stage presentation are as important as playing your music well. · Perform whenever, wherever and often.

For young musicians, it’s easy to get caught up in the hype of success and becoming a big star. To keep you grounded, here’s some advice for understanding music as a business: · Recognize that music requires work, practice, study, discipline and commitment. This will all amount to improving your sound and image, ultimately giving way to a successful future. · Focus on the big picture (your career) as a musician and not just the next 20 minutes. · “Understand that once you choose to make a living at your art, you are now in the business of art.” Jack Barton, Senior Director of ‘Friday Morning Quarterback’

If you are a young musician in need of inspiration, or know a musician who does, look no further than WISDOM FOR A YOUNG MUSICIAN, the ultimate motivational guide for pursuing the dream of making music.

About the Author: Bruce Warren is currently the assistant general manager of programming at WXPN-FM and Executive Producer for World Cafe®. He has won numerous music industry awards, including Programmer of the Year. He resides in Philadelphia, PA, with his family.

World Cafe® is a nationally syndicated radio show, airing on over 180 stations. It is hosted by David Dye of WXPN, based out of the University of Pennsylvania’s campus. The show consists of interviews with artists and live performances, all broadcast via NPR. You can hear it world wide, live on XPN.org/listen.

About the Book:
Author: Bruce Warren
Publisher: Running Press Book Publishers
Format: Hardcover, 176 pp
Price: $14.95 US
ISBN-10: 0-7624-2861-9
ISBN-13: 978-0-7624-2861-8
Publication Date: April 2007

Contact: Melissa Appleby, Publicist
(215) 567-5080, ext. 246
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