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What is HD Radio?
Which digital channels does WXPN offer?
Where do I get it?
What are the benefits of HD Radio?
Where can I purchase an HD radio receiver?
Tell me any special offers for WXPN listeners.
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Jared Styles, WXPN Technical Director, with the station's broadcast hardware.

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What is HD Radio?

HD Radio is a new technology that enables WXPN to broadcast programs digitally, a tremendous technological leap from today's analog broadcasts. These digital broadcasts provide you, our listeners, with radically improved audio quality and reception and new data services. On May 1, 2007 WXPN began offering XPN2 on our second digital channel - WXPN 88.5-2. And, on March 17, 2008, XPN2 can now be heard on 88.7 HD 2 in Lancaster/York.

Just as HDTV provides television viewers with a crisp video image, HD Radio technology provides radio listeners with a stronger, cleaner signal. HD Radio technology was developed by the iBiquity Digital Corporation and has brought to market an idea that was conceived over a decade ago by scientists and engineers at Westingtonhouse, CBS, Gannet, and Lucent/Bell Labs.

Which digital channels does WXPN offer?

In the Philadelphia Metro area:
88.5 HD1 Broadcasting XPN
88.5 HD2 Broadcasting XPN2/XPoNential Radio

In Lancaster / York, PA:
88.7 HD1 Broadcasting XPN
88.7 HD-2 Broadcasting XPN2/XPoNential Radio

You can also listen to XPoNentialRadio in a number of cities across the U.S. See if XPoNentialRadio is offered in your area.

Tune Your HD Radio to 88.5 HD2, XPN2

Where do I get it?

To hear an HD radio broadcast, you will need a new HD Radio receiver that is tuned into a station in your area that is sending an HD Radio broadcast. To find out what types of HD Radio products are available, go to HD Radio Products.

What are the benefits of HD Radio?

  • More listening options. A multicast-compatible HD Radio receiver lets you pull in extra channels that regular radios can't get.
  • CD-quality, crystal-clear sound on FM radio.
  • AM broadcasts that sound as good as today's analog FM stereo.
  • Static-free broadcasts with crystal clear reception.
  • No more signal fades, static, hiss, and pops.
  • HD Radio receivers will also display important data, including scrolling text displayed on a radio screen with song titles, artist names, traffic updates, weather forecasts, sports scores and more. (Available in the future from WXPN).
  • No subscription fees. It's free for consumers, just like today's analog AM and FM radio. Unlike satellite radio services, HD Radio does not require a subscription.
  • Easy transition. You can continue listening to your local AM/FM stations on your existing analog radios as well as on your new HD Radio receivers.
  • Opportunity for more advanced data and audio services, such as surround sound, multiple audio sources at the same dial position, on-demand audio services, store-and-replay (so you can store a radio program that airs when you are at work and replay it on your commute home), overlaying real-time traffic information on a navigational map to help you find the shortest route, a 'buy' button for music, sports and concert tickets, along with a host of other services.
  • Easy transition for broadcasters and consumers by using the existing infrastructure and spectrum and at the same time preserving the existing analog service for as long as needed. This means you can continue listening to your local AM/FM stations on your existing analog radios as well as on your new HD Radio receivers, with all the added services and benefits that HD Radio offers.

Where can I purchase an HD radio receiver?

For more information, go to HDRadio.com