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Houndstooth Photo by Jaclyn Campanaro
Portland’s Houndstooth Displays Southern Tendencies on Debut Ride Out The Dark

Houndstooth are a five-piece indie rock band residing in Portland, Oregon.

But singer Kate Bernstein and guitarist John Gnossis are transplants from Austin, Texas. That’s where the Southern influences, particularly in Gnossis’ loping guitar lines, come from. After releasing a couple of singles last year the band’s debut full-length, Ride Out The Dark, is set for release on July 16th. Check out Bernstein’s sexy low-affect vocals against Gnossis’ guitar on a pair of songs.

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Houndstooth / “Canary Island” / Ride Out The Dark
Houndstooth / “Wheel on Fire” / Ride Out The Dark

Recent Release: Ride Out the Dark
Release Date: July 16, 2013
Label: No Quarter